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Who Am I

My name is Andrew. Some people call me Wick. It's my middle name.

I was born on a stormy summer afternoon in Saint Paul, Minnesota. I grew up in an old farmhouse in northern rural Washington country, not far from Stillwater, along with a couple sisters and various cats. I generally did well in school, passably well in social settings and not so well in romantic endeavours. I've improved a little since then.

I've been interested in a lot of things throughout my life. Some of the more pervasive ones are computers, faith and religion, science, and music. I'm pretty good at those things too. I never really picked one to excel in beyond the other three, which sometimes bums me out. But things have worked out well so far, so no real complaints.

I attended St. Olaf College in Northfield, Minnesota for four years. I met a lot of cool people there, many of whom I am still in good contact with. My interests were, for the most part, fostered well there. I also realized that I like to help people learn.

It took a little while to figure out exactly what that meant in terms of a career, but I think I've got it now. So I left Minnesota and got a master's degree in library science from Indiana University. I had a great time being an academic librarian for six years. In 2012, for a variety of reasons, I jumped to the private sector, so now I work for The Man. It's long been blog policy not to talk about work, though, so that's about all you're going to hear.

While I was in Indiana, I met, dated, eloped with and had a wedding-type party with a wonderful woman named Samantha. She's joined me on nearly all of the crazy journey since then. In 2010 a third traveler arrived. She's pretty great, too.

What else? I like to sing. In choirs, mostly, though I'm not picky. I like good food, road trips, fun music and movies, winter, quirky humor, baseball (in general, the Minnesota Twins in specific) and spending time with friends.

I took a long time off from this blog and am in the process of rediscovering if blogging is something that is worth my time. So who know what you'll find here? Though I do plan to continue reviewing movies on the AFI's Top 100 list.

I like keeping in touch with old friends and making new ones. If you are one or the other, drop me a line sometime.


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