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A Watched Pot Never Boils

Samantha often reminds me of this whenever I'm standing around in the kitchen waiting for -- you guessed it -- the pot to boil. And, in turn, I always think of an episode of Star Trek: The Next Generation where Data is testing this hypothesis. For some reason, his facial expression when the pot does indeed boil is etched in my memory.

Thinking about ST:TNG makes me think of the good old days of early high school, when I would finish my homework, turn down the bed, pull the old black and white TV up next to my bed on top of a beat-up old green ottoman and watch the syndicated episode of Star Trek that played on Channel 23 every weeknight. I mostly despise television now, but I definitely have a soft spot for that show.

Ten years ago today I likely did that very act described above. I don't think my sixteen-year-old self ever would have guessed that I'd be in California working as a librarian at a university, having eloped with a Georgia native precisely one year previous.

Yes, today is our anniversary. One year ago we shocked many, delighted some and disappointed a few (hopefully they've forgiven us now). And if I had it to do over, I wouldn't change a thing. I still look back on that beautiful Indiana autumn day and vividly remember walking to the courthouse, hands clenched tight, scared and excited beyond belief. It was awesome (in a very Aaron Steele sense of the word).

Other news:
* Netflixed recently: Giant (AFI, post forthcoming) and Election, which was incredibly hilarious and highly recommended to anyone with slightly twisted senses of humor.
* Despite the fact that it is not for sale except at shows and there hasn't been a show within 500 miles recently, I have acquired Storyhill's new CD (thanks, Gibbons!). It is good -- not groundbreaking. But apparently it's being courted by a major label. This has spurred me to update and redesign my silly Storyhill site -- more news on this as events warrant.
* I have found an independent root beer that gives Sprecher a run for their money: Virgil's. Mmmmmm -- it is an outstanding beverage. I snuck a four-pack into the grocery cart.

Meh. I guess not much else is new. Apparently it's snowing in the Midwest? Wow -- living in California really isolates one from the changing seasons. I still haven't really pulled out a coat yet. Is it true Californians cease to exist below 50 degrees? I guess I'll find out. Peace, all.

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Dude, Virgil's is good stuff. Bert and I discovered it at Whole Foods earlier this year.

Also, I think only housekeeping staff at hotels still say "turn down the bed."


My sweetie never posts anymore. :(


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