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Blogging: So 2004

I started this blog nearly five years ago. It was long enough ago that I refused to call it a blog. It was a weblog. The word blog still had that new and slightly condescending neologistic feel to it that I hated. Now my browser's spell-check accepts blog but balks at weblog. Strange.

I'm kind of over blogging, my friends. I wanted to use this to keep in touch with my far flung friends upon my exodus from Minnesota, and it was okay at that for a while. But that was before tools like my friends' private web forum and Facebook came along. And they seem to do the job much better.

So what's left? Posting weird stuff I find on the Internet? I'm certainly not the best person doing that. And when I do have something to share, it's not like a whole post is really necessary. Facebook (and Twitter) is better for that. Okay, so reviews of AFI 100 movies? Folks, we've been at it for four years and we're only just reached the 1/3rd mark. My backlog of reviews is probably what's been holding us back.

It's not just the dearth of content, though. My life wasn't terribly exciting in library school, so it's not like it's gotten even less so. But somehow, being married and having a job make it a lot tougher to find the time and brain-space to devote to this thing. That's not necessarily a bad thing. Just a change.

I don't know. I guess I'm saying that you shouldn't really have any more expectations for this space. If you're curious what's going on in my life, friend me on Facebook. Or pick up the phone, for heaven's sake. Don't we all have free long distance now? If you want more day-to-day stuff, follow me on Twitter (Twitter posts since my last blog post: 86). Whatever else I feel like posting here will get posted.

So I'll see you elsewhere? Good. Signing off.


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Change is inevitable.

I'll miss coming to this space. I was always excited when you had a new post. Kind of like talking to you. But I can do that too.

Time marches on way too swiftly. Hey, you're coming up to the infamous

29 and holding.

luv and signing off


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