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Still Not Blogging

Yep. I don't blog much. Here are a smattering of important things you may not have picked up:

It seems like just as we are starting to get settled somewhere, we need to move on. Samantha's job is over. I didn't mention it at the time, but it was a temporary two-year position. When she took it, we though there would be a good chance she would be extended beyond the two-year term. But things have changed a bit since then. So now she's unemployed. There are some decent prospects as far as a new gig, but none of them have come to anything yet.

Because she no longer works 90 miles away from where I do, there's no point in living in Danbury anymore. So we'll need to move soon. It will probably be much nearer to where I work, since we don't know where Samantha will be for a while. While this is a good thing -- we've never felt like Danbury is a great place to live and it will be nice to actually live where I work again -- moving is about my least favorite thing ever. But at least we'll be waiting until the new year to do it.

The more we move around, and the farther into the past my Minnesota residency fades, the more it becomes clear that I'd really like to move back there. So can you please keep an eye open for any rare book cataloging jobs in the Twin Cities?


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