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InfoVis Stuff

This is gonna be such a library science nerd post. Is it okay to use the abbreviation if I've never typed the phrase information visualization before in my life?

Anyway. I've been playing around with a couple of interesting toys recently...

  1. Google Earth. A free (albeit extremely computing power intensive) standalone program that integrates millions of satellite images of the Earth's surface with Google's mapping and search information. The resolution is pretty inconsistent, but you'll generally find highly populated areas in the Western world to have good detail. There are also a number of independent sites to support and accessorize it. Wow.
  2. The Moodgrapher. If you're familiar with Livejournal at all, you know that you can add your current mood to your posting. This site aggregates data from LJ and produces graphs. Check out excited in relation to the release of the Harry Potter book on Saturday, and check out worried with the report of more blasts in London this morning.

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That's boring.

You're boring everyone!

Quit boring everybody!



I thought it was cool.

...and haven't you already used that joke? Geez, talk about boring...

I wholeheartedly agree with coolguy.


Have you heard of World Wind? It's basically the same kind of thing. You would like my friend Georg.... and he would be interested in this website!

Have a good trip to Georgia!


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