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More Than Meets the Eye!


*squees like a schoolgirl*

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I'm not sure this is such a good thing, Wick. Most live-action feature films based on cartoons suck, big time. What makes this one different?


The fact that it's Transformers, and therefore affords much more hope in the case of our dear Wick, Steve. I told him they were planning on making a "live action" Smurfs movie, and he had the exact same reaction you just did. It's just the thought of CGI Optimus Prime that makes him all giddy.


Hey, the Flinestones wasn't that bad.


While I understand the enthusiasm about the Transformers, I'm actually more excited about another great movie based on a treasured childhood franchise.

Blazing Sword, anyone?


Hells yeah, but will they have Sven? He was a hottie...


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