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Quick Shots

  • Busy week this week. Have assignments due Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, not to mention planning for my road trip to Boston. This post will be short.
  • Saw Dialogues des Carmélites on Friday. Excellent music -- can't go wrong with Poulenc. Story was difficult to follow. Also depressing. After this and View from the Bridge, am ready for fluffy Mozart (good thing Magic Flute is next).
  • Samantha was given a fascinating DVD recently -- a recording of a made-for-TV musical version of Cinderella, by Rogers and Hammerstein no less, starring Julie Andrews. Apparently this was performed and broadcast live for a massive TV audience (107 million people) in 1957. It's truly a unique recording, as I don't think anything like this was ever done to the quality that this one was produced. I'm curious if my mom remembers seeing this in her youth, considering it probably would have been right up her alley.
  • Attempted to do karaoke with Samantha's friend Mandy and the Deli crowd on Thursday. Failed miserably due to prevalence of undergrad drunken idiots and rather disappointing selection of songs. Ended up at the Vid (via Yogi's) for some quality hangin' out.
  • Went to the IU/Michigan State basketball game yesterday with David and Jon from church. We were all Mission Impossible with our plans (getaway car, changing clothes, etc). As it turns out, we picked a great game -- it was close for the whole 40 minutes, and IU pulled out a thrilling victory in overtime. We left too early to see the crowd rush the court.
  • Oscars were last night. Thrilled to see Million Dollar Baby take some top awards, and to see Cate Blanchett and Morgan Freeman get theirs. Very pleased to see Charlie Kaufman win Best Original Screenplay for Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind! Samantha says she must see it now. Eeeehhcks-cellent. *temples fingers* We also made some very good bruschetta with bean puree for our gathering (once again at Mari's, and once again, she was quite impressive with tomato soup and homemade ravioli).
  • Spring training has started. Minnesota Twins are looking good! Am hoping to see them a few times this summer, maybe in Chicago for a White Sox game, maybe at home when I go back for Alison's graduation. We'll see.
  • Getting sick of cold and damp weather. Glad it's the last day of February.
  • Can't believe it's the last day of February. Where did this semester go?
  • Off to work. Peace!

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Yikes! It IS the last day of February, isn't it?


Thank GOODNESS it's the last day of February. I abhor February. I'm ready for Spring!


We're singing Poulenc this year!

Ooo, we're also singing at orchestra hall, with the Concordia choir.


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