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Holding One Accountable

When I restarted my blog this year, by happenstance, another friend of mine also recommitted herself to blogging, on the same level of one post a week. But she was more hard-core than me; she set conditions for when she failed to post. She has encouraged her readers to call her out and give her the topic of her next post when they do. As it happens, she did miss a post last week, and, as requested, I pointed it out, though I felt bad about doing it. But I don't feel so bad anymore now that she's posted some very nice thoughts as a result.

Anyway, having taken advantage of such an accountability system to dictate someone else's blogging, I feel it would only be fair to do the same here. And maybe it will encourage you to check back. So as of now, if I don't have a post up by the end of the week (and I'll define the end of the week is Sunday night), you, gentle reader, are asked to make your disappointment and consternation known and as a reward, may dictate the topic of the make up post. (I suspect my wife may make the most use of this!)

Anyway, this post heralds the return of another long-standing blog tradition, the In Other News section! In this edition, marvel at our social exploits!

  • We went out for dinner with Gillian and Chris (her then-boyfriend, now-fiancĂ©! very exciting!). A local Mexican spot was visited and everyone approved.
  • We invited our friend Kate over for dinner and to watch the Golden Globes. We made chicken mole, which was challenging to find a certain ingredient for but was ultimately worth the trouble as it was quite tasty. Kate is a connoisseur of popular culture and a delightful companion for events such as this.
  • We went out for free appetizers hosted by a new employee group at my workplace. We met some fun people who all seem to be younger than me. Sigh.

So, there. It's tough to be social sometimes with a two-year-old, but we're making it work. What have you been up to socially?


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Hey, don't feel guilty. I asked for it. And now you did too. I stand ready to accuse and judge... Oh, wait, I mean guide an encourage.

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