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A Quiz

July 15th is:

a) my birthday
b) the day before Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince is released
c) the Ides of July
d) all of the above

If you guessed d, you're correct. I will be turning 25 soon. If you are of the gift-giving persuasion (and I know you are), you may be interested in perusing my new, improved wishlist. Now with things that you can't get on Amazon!

Samantha and I will most likely be celebrating this day at an event in the Chicago area. Apparently Chicago is the hub of all things Harry Potter, because there are not one, but two large events in honor of the book's release. I'm not sure how much y'all out there know about such things, but I could use some advice as to which one we should attend.

And yes, it is kosher to call it the Ides of July. The Internet told me so. And everything on the Internet is true.


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