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Spring Observations

I love baseball. The Twins offense looked awesome yesterday. Sadly, John Smoltz's first game as a starting pitcher in years was awful. But I love checking the box scores and seeing the pictures and all that. Whee! And I'm finding baseball fans everywhere I turn around. This dude in my Coll Dev class was walking our way after class got out, and it turns out he was headed to Yogi's to watch the Cards. Awesome.

My Collection Development class is lame. I'm glad I'll be taking Nisonger's other class next spring. Maybe that'll make up for it.

Spring comes at just the right time -- after winter. It's been windy and warm here -- and Samantha and I have been out tossing a frisbee around. My feet are dirty and my arm is sore -- both good feelings.

Nickel Creek is coming to Bloomington. Again. Too much of a good thing. It's in the middle of finals week though... yikes.

My girlfriend is a cutie. And looks great in a skirt.


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