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Sin City: Columbus, IN

Yes, enter this strange, perverse metropolis in southern Indiana, where hookers dish out vigilante justice, where Nancy swings that lasso at Kadie's night after night, and where fine works of architectural beauty mix with classic, small-town Midwestern atmosphere -- no, wait. I'm getting my weekend all confused.

Friday I saw Sin City with Samantha. It was just about exactly what I expected. In hindsight, I'm not even sure why I was so excited about this movie. I've perused a few of Miller's graphic novels (the original, Hell and Back, The Big, Fat Kill) in preparation for the movie, and haven't really found them to my liking. Don't get me wrong, they're amazing -- Miller's art and storytelling is so unique and very striking. But the rampant violence and moral ambiguity mostly just had me unsettled. Naturally, since the movie is such a faithful adaptation of Miller's work, all that transfers right to the screen. Samantha pointed out how the dialogue sounds very different when it's actually being spoken instead of just written on a page -- and not in a good way. I'm not sure I'd recommend the film.

Saturday I went to Columbus, IN, to sing a hymn festival in honor of Paul Manz. This in itself is not unusual, as I am prone to involvement in such things, due to my friendship with a certain member of the Bloomington branch of the American Guild of Organists. What was unusual was the fact that the highway to Columbus was blocked by a major car accident for over an hour. We eventually decided to take a long and windy detour (along with most of the other people going) which ended up getting us to Columbus almost and hour and a half late. To make an already long story less long, it was a very lengthy day punctuated by very little non-sugar-based food, except for a Denny's Grand Slam at about 10:45 pm. Also, the Denny's in Columbus is scary.

Sunday the only thing of great consequence I did was watch the Red Sox get pwned by Randy Johnson. Sigh. In other news:

  • Yes, baseball has started. Whee! Go Twins! I'm wearing my Twins cap today. :) I could bitch about their roster decisions like everyone else in blogland, but I won't. I'll just hope Joe Mauer proves himself durable.
  • Once again, the end of the semester draws close, like a light at the end of the tunnel... one that proves to be the headlight of a fast approaching train. And once again, I continue to stare and wonder when it'll hit me...
  • The weather is definitely looking up. Hooray for spring.
  • Registration for summer and fall classes is beginning. So far I have opted to take a couple of seminars for the first summer session -- they look to be of a lower rigor level than the things I've been taking. Which will be nice -- summer is a time for academic rest, right? The fall schedule is still up in the air, pending whether or not I can get an internship worked out.
  • I have lots of dreams and wishes about how my life will look next year. They involve more jobs, less class and a bigger apartment. We'll see how this goes...
  • I know from experience that deaths frequently come in threes, but it still surprises me when it occurs. Terri Schiavo: her mind has been dead for a decade, thank goodness her body is now too. Mitch Hedberg: a wonderful comedian gone far before he should've. Pope John Paul II: since I'm not Catholic, I really don't mourn this much, but I recognize the indelible mark he left on his church and the way the world saw it. I pray the powers that be can choose a leader that will lead the Catholic Church into the new millenium.

Off to work. Maybe. Peace, all.


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