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Andrew Sampler Vol. II

I like making mix CDs.

What can I say -- it's a hobby of mine when I'm bored. They start as playlists in Media Player and the good ones progress to CDs. The latest is Andrew Sampler Volume II. I made Vol. I a couple years ago when a conversation with a new friend turned to my favorite music. As this question is always difficult to answer, I just said, "Look, I'll make you a mix CD." Although the end product never found its way to her, it turned out pretty cool. But that was two years ago, and my tastes have grown. So, on the occasion of my road trip to Chicago with Samantha, I pushed this one to completion. There are only five repeat artists on here from Vol. I, and I consider them to be five of my all-time favorites, and they are not tracks I were aware of then. The rest are new discoveries since then.

Anyway. To cut this already too long post short -- in case you're curious, here the track list for Andrew Sampler Vol. II -- i.e, 22 of the artists I've been listening to in the past two years:

  1. Smoothie Song - Nickel Creek
  2. Give Me Your Hand - Bobby Llama
  3. And So I Am - Erin O'Donnell
  4. Fade to Grey - Jars of Clay
  5. Mercy - Ben Arthur
  6. Weave My Way - Brenda Weiler
  7. The Interview - Chris Cunningham
  8. Lemonade - Kubla Khan
  9. Come to Jesus - Mindy Smith
  10. Fault Lines - Stuart Davis
  11. Must Be Dreaming - Frou Frou
  12. Adore - Alva Star
  13. Get Up - Superchic[k]
  14. 80s Party - John Hermanson
  15. Michigan Militia - Moxy Fruvous
  16. Broke in Two - They Might Be Giants
  17. Amsterdam - Guster
  18. Seven Sisters - Storyhill
  19. Somebody for Someone - The Corrs
  20. Hong Kong - Margot Wagner
  21. Poetry & Aeroplanes - Teitur
  22. I'll Stay - Down the Line


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