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The Nickel Creek / Howie Day concert on Sunday was very cool. It was great to hear Nickel Creek live. I hadn't before and I believe in seeing any musical act I enjoy live at least once. They were a little rougher around the edges than I thought they'd be, and my rock star girlfriend Sara Watkins was decidedly less hot in person than I expected. Sorry, Sara... maybe you're not the girl for me. Please don't stop playing awesome fiddle, though.

Howie Day was cool too -- very genre-bending. I'd never heard the singer/songwriter genre blended with the electronica genre quite the way he did with his looping guitar tricks. And that's mostly what they were -- tricks. But still interesting to listen to.

I also have a concert coming up. Come at your own risk.

In other news:

  • The Twins got eliminated from the playoffs by the stupid Yankees. Sigh. Just because they can hit the ball a lot doesn't mean they're a good baseball team. I just wish the Twins would have hit the ball as much as they did. Next year's the big year, though: Twins '05, World Series Champions! Oh, and go Red Sox!
  • It's getting steadily more fall-like around here. Still not as consistently cool as I'd like it. But the trees are getting pretty.
  • Turns out grad school is still not very hard. Just time consuming.
  • I'm actually learning things in my L401 class now. We're doing UNIX. It is good times.
  • Umm... well, I'm dating someone. Yeah, I was surprised, too. I guess being a mac pays off. Her name is Samantha (the same as I've mentioned twice previous) and I've been thinking she's really awesome basically since the first day I met her, but she claimed to not really be interested in a relationship, per se. She changed her mind. :) I'm glad she did. At any rate, I'll try not to let this decrease the amount of posts I make. Indeed, it might actually improve -- I think she reads this too...
  • Quote of the Week 3:
    "You guys are Risk players?" - Susan, referring to my roommates and me
    "Yeah." - Me
    "You guys are so hot right now." - Susan

"That is one nerdy woman." - Dustin, in response to being told about the previous exchange

Enjoy watching the debates tonight. Be sure to tune in (and watch my man John crush Georgie boy) in case you're still undecided as to who is more fit to run our country. Peace.


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