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Crazy Indian Music Video

The title never lies: here is your bit of True Internet Weirdness™ for the day.

Don't ask me anything else about it, because now you know just as much as I do. It is tremendously and inexplicably entertaining to me -- I've probably watched all or part of it ten times since Mari posted it. I'm either pretty easy to please or have a soft spot for dance scenes. Actually, both are probably true. In related news, this video and subsequent conversations have resulted in putting a few Bollywood films on my Netflix cue -- something I've been meaning to do for a while but never got around to doing. Until now.

In non Indian cinema news, Samantha is coming to visit. Tomorrow! She'll be here through the weekend. We don't have many specific plans, other than having lunch with friends on Friday and visiting some old favorites. I'm very excited for this. I'm sure I don't need to tell you that being apart has been difficult. We've still got a ways to go, but visits like this make it easier.

I'm also helping my mom plan a visit out here. That one is still months away, but it's nice to at least feel like I have regular visitors from out of town. Especially considering how nice the weather is here. And how much there is to do and see. Are you picking up on this, Everyone Else I Know? Hint hint!

Now follows the somewhat standard bullet point list of other various and sundry:

  • I have been made bass section leader in the Occidental Chorale. Yet another thing I figured I needed a music degree for. Which is silly in hindsight, since it's apparently just taking attendance.
  • Baseball is almost here! Three days until Twins catchers and pitchers report. Thank goodness, because if I hear another thing about Roger F-ing Clemens I'm going to hurl.
  • The job search is going very well. No details -- the All Seeing Eye is always watching -- ALWAYS WATCHING.
  • Netflixed recently: Reality Bites (good acting, iffy story, I think I'm five years too young for this one, Winona Ryder is hot), UHF (fantastic, right up my alley, thanks for the recommendation, Gillian, sorry it took five years to get to it), Once (very, very good, a modern day musical in the least cheesy sense possible, a simple, touching film), and Guys and Dolls (also very good -- better than the version we saw in Door County, Mom).
That's it. I've got some posts brewing about my singing gigs. But no promises. Peace!


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I *love* me some Bollywood nuttiness!!! It's always so exuberant AND over-the-top AND wildly choreographed AND super-colorful AND set-in-narrative-circumstances-that-only-vaguely-bespeak-of-reality. All-around awesome.

Have you seen this treasure?


The bright little condom men bopping around so merrily never fail to crack me up.


I too have a fondness for Bollywood. Which movies did you Netflix? I just might have a few more recommendations. :)


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