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Post Cruisin'

Now that we've been back for over a month and a half, I suppose I should fill you in on what's been going on since then. Mostly it's been the same old same old. I'm still working, Samantha's still working, we sing, she fences, I do church stuff, etc. etc. But here's some highlights since we've been back:

  • We got a couch. Through the magic of craigslist, it was free. Well, except for the $50 emergency room fee for removing the gigantic splinter it gave me while we were moving it. A shout out to Serena for her invaluable vehicular assistance in this matter.
  • Serena also enlightened us to the wonders of a place called BevMo!. A location recently opened not far from where we live and it is indeed a wondrous place. Besides their impressive array of wines and liquors, they have quite a variety of root beers. It gave me the idea for a root beer tasting party. Anyone interested?
  • As members of the Angeles Chorale, Samantha and I were part of a choir that recorded some movie trailer music. You know, the Carmina Burana-esque stuff you hear in movie trailers? Yup, that'll be us. Take a listen... IF YOU DARE
  • In our quest for ever increasing choir elitism, we both auditioned for the Los Angeles Master Chorale. It was hard and neither of us came away with high hopes, but I have been called back and we both have been recruited to join the Chorale as auxiliary singers for the LA Philharmonic's upcoming Tristan Project. So we must have impressed someone.
  • To make this a choir-related trio, our next concert with the Angeles Chorale is on March 24. We are performing Rachmaninoff's Vespers. Come.
  • We have turned on our TV three times now -- for the Super Bowl, the Grammys and the Oscars. Honestly, I didn't even know if it would work. But we plugged in the rabbit ears and there it was. I haven't really looked at it since. I did flip around looking for Saturday morning cartoons, but they all sucked, so that didn't last long.
  • We visited our friends Andy and Lauren in Redlands a few weekends ago to see a play that they were both involved with. It was kind of a whirlwind visit, but we got to go to a cool British pub and meet their cats. What else could you ask for, really?
  • My sister visited last weekend! She is cool. Now she is enjoying her spring break in the Bay Area with her boyfriend.
  • It feels like I was just posting about baseball being over, but baseball is back. Spring training has started. Players are already getting injured. And my fantasy baseball league is already fired up. Woo-hoo! (Sorry, Ramy, it filled up faster than I thought it would. You didn't have time anyway, did you?)
  • We are planning a summer trip. It is entirely out of necessity. Two friends are getting married and the national ALA conference is happening in between. If you live in New England, New York, Washington DC, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Indiana or Illinois and are interested in housing wanderers sometime in late June, drop me a line.

Did I miss anything?


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Aww, so you'll be traveling through two of the "I" states in the U.S. of A, and neither of them will be IOWA?? For shame! Seriously though, happy future travels. We'd decided no for Ships and Dip III because Erik will be in his second semester of Astrophysics year II by then. I'm thinking Luther College will have to satisfy my Guster love for the near future.

Sarah Wangberg:

Hey Andrew,

We should get together when you're in Bloomington however briefly if I'm around. You're welcome to crash on my floor.

:) Sarah


I wish I could hop on over to California for your potential root beer tasting party. I love love love root beer. Let me know how it goes if you decide to go through with the party! Sigh.


"she is cool."

hey, thanks.

BevMo rules!


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