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Ships and Dip

Yes, we're back from Minnesota and happy new year and all that. BUT FIRST: I must tell you the following information.

For months now I've been hinting about our honeymoon plans. One might even say... taunting. And for what reason have I delayed so long? What nefarious plan? Well... umm. Err, no reason, really. Other than my own laziness. But that ends today. Very soon (in less than two weeks) we will be on our belated honeymoon.

We are going on a cruise.

With Barenaked Ladies and Guster.

Oh yeah.

I was aware of the existence of this event (called Ships and Dip) when it first was announced, but did not feel drawn towards it -- drawn as a moth towards a flame -- until Guster also signed on. Then it turned from "something that would be cool to do" into "a once in a lifetime opportunity." And that's what a honeymoon should be, right? We are beyond excited for this and have been for, oh, about eight months or so. We've scrimped and saved (and gone into credit card debt) to pay for it and now it's actually going to happen. So awesome. We'll try to break our longstanding block against taking pictures on trips.

Okay, you can make jealous comments now...


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