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The Boys (and Books) of Summer

Hooray for summertime. Baseball is well into its second month, and the Twins are cruising along at 20-13. Which would ordinarily be plenty of wins to be leading the AL Central, if it weren't for the Chicago White Sox, who have gone and started not sucking. Anyway, it's been fun following them so far. A cool bar and restaurant called Yogi's generally gets all the baseball games, and Samantha and I have so far been there about once a week or so to watch. She's becoming a bona-fide Twins fan... sweet! :) Also, you might notice I've added some of my favorite Twins links and blogs to the left-hand column.

Also, summer means summer reading. I'm now completely caught up on the Harry Potter series and am anxiously awaiting the sixth book (along with the rest of the country). I've also started reading a series I'm long overdue for -- the Chronicles of Narnia. Enjoyed the first one and am on the way with the second.

I had my first taste of summer classes yesterday. My Encoded Archival Description class (henceforth referred to as EAD) looks interesting and will give me some experience in markup before I take the plunge into some more serious web stuff in the future. My Unix class looks to be super-intense despite only meeting once a week. Steve Cox is a machine at teaching this stuff.

In other news:

  • A tip o' the librarian cap to Homestarrunner.com, whose new toon this week has the brothers Strong mentioning Boolean operators.
  • Recently I've seen a good movie (Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy), a freaky movie (Romper Stomper), a silly movie (Tomb Raider) and a pretty bad movie (Tomb Raider 2). And no, none of them are on the AFI list. We'll get back to it soon.
  • Samantha's dad and her brother Ben are coming to visit this weekend, for the occasion of her uncles' 20th anniversary. Much Humphrey family excitement will be had. :) I'm looking forward to being a part of it.

That's all the news that's fit to type. Peace, y'all.

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Bah. My supposed Twins fandom is merely to lull them into a false sense of complacency, upon which they will get their butts kicked in the 'Series by the Braves. Go ATL!!! ;)


I'm so excited that you're reading the Chronicles! Those are some of my favorite books ever, and also some of the most formative in my life thus far. I'm curious to hear which you like best (as I've changed my mind about 17 times, general gravitating among Last Battle, Horse and his Boy, and Dawn Treader.)

Dude, I went to your Unix instructor's website and I'm impressed. Since you'll be learning about the bash shell and using the PS1 variable to set a custom prompt, I thought you might be interested in this bash trick. Add the following lines to your .bashrc, .bash_profile, or wherever your instructor told you to keep your startup options:

export PROMPT_COMMAND='export PWD_DOS=`echo $PWD | sed s/\\\\//\\\\\\\\/g | tr "[a-z]" "[A-Z]"`'
export PS1='C:$PWD_DOS> '

Then, prepare for the awesome as you relive your MS-DOS glory days:

C:\ARPA\TZ\V\VANDAHM> uname -sr
C:\ARPA\TZ\V\VANDAHM> hostname


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