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Stick a Fork In Me and Turn Me Over

Because I'm done. Yeah baby. And what a better way to finish it than with possibly my most impressive procrastination product to date: a 17-page paper (to be fair, only 12 pages is text -- the rest is title, pictures and citations) about technologies and databases in protein bioinformatics, written entirely between 6:45 am and 2:45 pm (the time it was due) today. And my prof already graded it -- 100. That's 40% of my grade for that class. Oh yes.

So that wraps up Semester #2 here at the School of Library and Information Science. Assuming I've passed all my classes this semester, at this point I am about 60% done with my degree. I am looking forward to taking fewer classes and being able to concentrate more on other things next year. Like my internship? Right now I am in communication with powers-that-be at two nearby liberal arts schools (DePauw and Butler) about possible opportunities. They are waiting on me to finish finals craziness to move forward... and look at that, I'm done. So more news on this as it comes.

Speaking of the "more news as it happens" promise -- my filming project went well on Monday. My now former choir (the Contemporary Vocal Ensemble) was doing this kind of a "music video" for a contemporary choral piece as part of a grant proposal. As I had a central role in it (it was emulating a clock tower and I was speaking numbers in Italian -- no kidding), I was kind of the star of the film, representing the mind of the poet who wrote the text. The day was interesting -- I spent about half of it in a cold, concrete stairwell, sitting around looking dazed or walking slowly up the stairs, in pursuit of a dream... and about half of it in the Green Room, grazing on cookies and chatting with choir people. Ah, the life of a movie star. Honestly, though, I'm not sure I'd like a career in front of a camera -- there's a lot of loitering around and it got real boring.

In other news...

  • I saw Nickel Creek on Tuesday. Yeah, kind of sudden. I knew they were coming for a while, but I also knew I'd be bogged down in finals stuff. But eventually my love for their brand of progressive bluegrass won out and Samantha and I sprung $20 each to see them for two hours. I still think they sound better on their CDs.
  • We've sampled the fourth (and last?) sushi restaurant in Bloomington -- Domo. Nice atmosphere, but nothing that was more impressive than Sushi Bar or Mikado.
  • Nice weather this weekend, maybe. Wiffleball? I hope so.

Oof -- what a day. I'm off to bed to sleep the sleep of the guilty. Goodnight, and peace.


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