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Shakespeare at SLIS

Samantha and I have casted an all-SLIS production of A Midsummer Night's Dream. You probably won't enjoy the rest of this post if you are not also a SLISzard.

Theseus/Oberon: Pete Welsch
Egeus: Elijah Wright
Lysander: Yours Truly
Demetrius: Aaron Steele
Philostrate/Puck: Jon Bodnar (other possibilities: Mark Napier, Blaise Cronin)
Quince: Katie Dunn
Snug: Nick George
Bottom: Davin Kolderup
Flute: Paul Betty
Snout: Jeff Gundy
Starveling: Alison Rollins
Hippolyta/Titania: Sarah Mercure
Hermia: Samantha Humphrey
Helena: Teri Osborn
Costume Designer/Peaseblossom: Mari Kermit-Canfield
Cobweb: Auralia Nicholson
Moth: Christa Welty
Mustardseed: Jen Tonsing

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This is boring everybody.

Be more interesting!


Stop whining!


I think Nick George would make a better Puck.

Nah. Nick's fine where he is. ;) I can just see him explaining to the ladies how he's the lion, but he's not really a lion. And roaring. It'd be awesome.


Previous instances in which I professed to like myself were fraudulent.


Also, I have a posterior of threatening proportions.


Yeah, it's on your shoulders...Joseph. :p


hahahah. joe still rocks.
(i agree)


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