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Public Intoxication Weekend

Apparently the Little 500 is the occasion for Public Intoxication Weekend at this school. Those of you from St. Olaf, think of Arbstrock. Or Cornstock at Concordia. I think there's one of these at every school? Feel free to comment with yours. For example, my driveway was blocked last night by a pickup truck and two squad cars, and three officers milling around with shirts that said Excise Police on the back.

Other observations:

  • My roommate Chris is playing his guitar outside while listening to rugby games on the Internet on his Wi-Fi laptop. Technology rules.
  • Paid rent yesterday -- only four months until I've been here for a year. Wild.
  • Twins have won five in a row. Awesome.
  • A card I received from my mother yesterday: A man sits at a desk and tells the man standing in front of him, "Down the fall, third door to your left. And I'm wearing women's underwear." Caption: The Too-Much-Information Desk.

Finally, a short bit of conversation as Chris and Dustin leave for the afternoon:

Chris: I think my Top Gun hat would be the best attire for the day.
Dustin: *nods solemnly*


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