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Wick the National Traveller

create your own visited states map

Next stop: Boston? Spring break is coming up starting March 11th and we need a destination, and that sounds as good as any, what with two friends in the area (at Harvard and the New England Conservatory). How's that sound? :)

EDIT (6/9/2005) - Just for my own edification. :)

EDIT (12/25/2005) - Again, for the southerly states I claimed during my August jaunt. I will have them all someday...

EDIT (3/18/2007) - This has been effectively supplanted by the Where I've Been app on my Facebook page. So n'yah.

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AND, of course, your sister's future college.

p.s. I can't believe you spelled traveler wrong.

sounds good to me ;)

i still haven't bumped into the ***** of the new england conservatory yet. we must travel in very different circles.


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