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Infrequent Updates

Yikes. It's been a week since I posted. Sorry about that. I usually don't have much to say anyway... but I'll try and dredge something up, here... ooh, this is interesting:

Samantha and I have begun a project. Many of you are probably aware of the list that the American Film Institute put out in 1998, about the supposed 100 greatest American films of the century (1896-1996). We're going to buff up on our movie history and try to watch all 100, starting from the bottom and working our way up. Will we actually accomplish this? I think there's a good possibility, judging by the amount of time we stand around in the movie store or the Kent-Cooper Room trying to decide what movie to watch. Now we'll always know. And (hopefully) it'll always be good.

So I'll try and keep a chronicle of these when we watch them. See the next post for details on #100.


Ooh, ooh, ooh! Guess where Samantha and I went on Friday? Guess, guess, guess!! We went to WonderLab! :) :) :) It was sooo awesome. There was a bubble exhibit, and a huge pinboard, and a oversize grapevine to climb around inside, and awesome brain teasers, and this CRAZY ball machine where the balls went on like 25 different rollercoaster tracks and played bells and spun wheels and twirled stuff and it was SOOO COOL!!!! I totally have to go back.


Whew. Seriously, Wonderlab is a great spot. Maybe I can get a job there...

In other news:

  • I went to a tea time sponsored by Lutheran Campus Ministry and the equivalent group with the Episcopal church on Friday. David was there, of course -- how could we miss a Episcopal-Lutheran gathering? :) Samantha came along as well, mostly for the tea, but was pleasantly surprised to find an organized religious group talking about GLBT issues. We may win her back yet...
  • We visited the Bazaar Cafe yesterday so I could do a little Info Retrieval homework with the peerless Mari. It's a very cozy little spot -- one of your standard "older homes with lots of retro furniture turned into a coffeehouse," except that they've got wifi, too. Check it out -- on 6th street, right next to the Runcible Spoon.
  • Speaking of which, did you know that the Runcible Spoon has a downstairs? We just discovered this recently. Wild. That place is way awesome. Their pancakes rival the Deli's in sheer mass, although (of course) not in quality.
  • We're planning a visit to the Chicago-land area again, in two weeks, to see the St. Olaf Choir on tour, and maybe visit the downtown Chicago Public Library, too. Oh, what nerds we are...
  • Quote of the Week 13: "How's it hangin', God?" - Chris. I've been growing the beard out and I was wearing what Matt Merkt used to call "the Wick outfit" -- white dress shirt over a white t-shirt and khakis, and I'm starting to get the "You look like Jesus!" comments again.

I can't believe January's almost over already. Crazy. Enjoy 2005 while it lasts, people... it's cruising by... peace!

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Yay! I got mentioned on Wick's blog!!! I may just have to wear the "Classic Wick" today in your honor. Or maybe tomorrow...we'll see.

Anyway, it's been a long time since I've been mentioned on the web, so thanks for making my morning! ;)



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